Welcome to the web site of the Arlington Education Association (AEA). The AEA is an organization of Arlington Public Schools (APS) employees who support the Association through member dues, and who advocate for employee rights, fair treatment under APS policies and procedures and a competitive employee compensation package, including salaries commensurate with the cost of living in Arlington.

The Association is directed by a member-elected Executive Board, with the President as its chief spokesperson and leading public advocate. The AEA also supports numerous committees which assist the Association in its work.

Please take a few minutes to review our ongoing activities and current newsletter. If you’re an employee of APS, and not yet a member, we encourage you to join us. We value your membership and welcome your comments and questions.


Budget Update

The 2019-2020 school budget was adopted by the school board on May 9th.  This budget does offer a step increase per policy—the step should have been a given, but it almost was lost.  As part of the budget discussions, the superintendent acknowledged that the teacher salary scale needs significant improvement to be competitive and wanted to fix the scale with YOUR step increase.  Fixing the teacher salary scale is expensive and not simple!  The AEA fought vigorously to keep the step increase and pushed the board to add money to increase all salary scales as we have been advocating for many years.

As part of the budget passing, money was included to do a compensation study.  Our salary scales are based on a system that goes back decades and it is time we look at our pay structure to see if we can do it better.  AEA hopes to be fully included in the process and will need your help!

Finally, in the coming school year, the AEA is going to turn some of its advocacy efforts towards the county board to ensure adequate funding for our growing school system.  When the request for volunteers comes out—especially if you live in Arlington—please answer the call!

AEA Endorses Parisa Dehghani-Tafti for Commonwealth's Attorney

The Arlington Education Association (AEA) is proud to announce its endorsement of Parisa Dehghani-Tafti for Commonwealth's Attorney in the upcoming June 11th primary election.  

AEA believes that Parisa's deep commitment to social  justice together with her restorative justice approach to law enforcement is just what Arlington Public Schools needs to create a safe, healthy environment in which students and staff can thrive. Her statement to the interview committee, that "in order to take action to stop the school to prison pipeline, we must first acknowledge openly that it exists", resonated with the committee and aligns with AEA's commitment to combating injustice in our delivery of educational services to our community.

If you are a registered Democrat, please turn out and vote for Parisa in the primary election on June 11th!


- Jeff Elkner, AEA-PAC Chair

For more information about Parisa's campaign, please click here:  https://parisaforjustice.com/

For more information on the primary see: https://vote.arlingtonva.us/

The Arlington Education Association Political Action Committee (AEA-PAC) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Reid Goldstein for Arlington County School Board in the upcoming June caucus on June 4, 6, and 8.


Reid ran for School Board in 2015 on a commitment to have an open door policy to the community and APS staff, and during the past four years, he has faithfully honored that commitment. As both an effective leader who does not hesitate to speak his mind, and as a careful and attentive listener to the concerns of those whom he represents, Mr. Goldstein has helped steer our school system in the right direction.

We at AEA look forward to continuing to work with Reid during the next four years in the service of our students, community, and staff.


- Jeff Elkner, AEA-PAC Chair

For more information about Reid Goldstein, please click here: http://www.reidgoldstein.com/

For more information on when and where to vote, please click here: https://arlingtondemocrats.org/vote/2019-school-board-caucus/


Wear Red4Ed


Our union is strong and we are motivated to stand up for what is right!

"Membership matters! And you showed the School Board by your presence at the budget hearing, your phone calls, your emails, and your visits with Board members that our union is strong and we are motivated to stand up for what is right--for us and for our students. Your voices matter and we must keep those voices raised as this year's budget process continues."

Leslie Stockton, AEA Vice-President


AEA Safety

In light of the most recent school shooting in Parkland, FL and the national dialogue around how we keep our schools safe, ARLINGTON EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (AEA) stands with all educators and school employees in wanting to do everything possible to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for our students. To that end AEA believes, as most educators do, that we DO NOT need weapons in our schools to keep them safe. We stand arm in arm united against arming school employees.

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