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AEA Mission

The mission of the Arlington Education Association is to provide leadership regarding all decisions affecting public education in Arlington County and to serve as the collective voice of our members. The Arlington Education Association advances conditions of teaching, learning, and working within Arlington Public Schools through informed advocacy and promotion of the highest standards of professionalism.

About Arlington Education Association

The history of the Arlington Education Association (AEA) as a labor union is one of long and proud service to the students and educators of Arlington County. AEA has served as the voice of Arlington Public Schools (APS) employees with our state legislators, county supervisors, school board members, other county officials and the superintendent. Throughout its history, AEA has stayed true to its mission of service to our community and to demand the highest standards of public education for the children of Arlington County.

AEA currently represents APS employees, including teachers, instructional assistants, extended day staff, custodians, administrative assistants, cafeteria workers and bus drivers. We are affiliated with the Virginia Education Association (VEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).

We serve as the collective voice of our members. We believe that APS educators are advocates for students and AEA provides an avenue for advocacy through lobbying, committee work, professional development, events and rallies, collaboration with coalitions and direct communication with school and community leaders. Further, we believe that sound policies and procedures must be developed in collaboration with educators whose professional input is invaluable.

AEA believes that an educator's working conditions are our student's learning conditions. When professional educators receive the support and autonomy they deserve, student achievement improves. We are dedicated to putting students first by improving the quality of public education provided in APS.

AEA Officers and Staff

June Prakash
June Prakash, AEA President

President June Prakash | AEA Office (2025)

June Prakash
Danielle Jones, AEA Vice President

AEA Treasurer


VEA Professional Staff

UniServ Director | Lisa Staib

AEA Administrative Staff

Office Manager | Vacant


Why Politics?

Because politics are essential to ensuring a good education for our children AND to improving your job.

Every decision made about our education program, working conditions, salaries, curriculum, licensing and evaluation are made by our elected representatives on a local, state or federal level. One of the ways we can impact those decisions is to vote for candidates who support NEA, VEA and AEA policies and goals for education on all levels.

Find YOUR elected officials:

Below are listed political bodies or individuals who make those decisions and their responsibilities.

School Board
  • Hire and fire teachers
  • Determine working conditions - how many students per class, programs suggested by the superintendent, hours of operation
  • Determine how personnel will be evaluated (suggestions from superintendent)
  • Determine pay grade of personnel
Board of Supervisors, City Councils
  • Have final say about school budgets, which affects all of the above
Virginia General Assembly (Delegates and Senators)
  • Enacts laws which govern school boards; what policies and laws may be made by Board of Supervisors
  • When passing legislation, listens to advice and opinions from the Virginia State Board of Education and the Virginia Department of Education
  • Establish Standards of Quality (mandated by the state constitution). Standards of Quality determine state money sent to school systems
  • Each side (House and Senate) determines the members of the Education Committee. These committees monitor legislation and have a great deal of influence on which legislation is forwarded on to the General Assembly for enactment
  • Signs or vetoes legislation about education passed on to him by the General Assembly
  • Works with the General Assembly to enact laws governing education
  • Is a bully pulpit for public education
  • Writes the state budget which determines the Standards of Quality set by the General Assembly
  • Appoints members of the State Board of Education and the leaders of the Virginia Department of Education
  • Appoints the state Superintendent of Education who heads the Board of Education
Virginia State Board Education
  • Establishes policies and writes regulations based on the laws passed by the General Assembly. These regulations govern how school systems are run—instructional hours, teacher certification, testing policy, graduation requirements
Virginia Department of Education
  • The "police" of the Board of Education—makes sure school divisions follow the policies and regulations written by the Board of Education and enacted by the General Assembly
  • Keeps data and reports about what's going on in state education
  • Basically does the same thing as the General Assembly only does it for all the states
  • Provides funding to states so they can carry out the federal mandates (sometimes not enough)
  • Federal legislation assures the minimum standards. States must obey federal mandates or be sanctioned, but state law can determine higher standards than federal legislation
  • Each branch has an Education Committee that does the same thing the committees do for the General Assembly
  • Is a bully pulpit for public education
  • Signs or vetoes laws enacted by Congress
  • Determines policies for the US Department of Education
  • Appoints the Secretary of Education, who heads the Department of Education and carries out the President's philosophy of education
Department of Education
  • Writes regulations and policies reflecting the legislation Congress enacts
  • Is the "police" making sure states follow through with the laws enacted by Congress—No Child Left Behind, Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title IX
  • Keeps data and writes reports about various aspects of public education

Who are AEA members?

For Teachers, Educational Support Professionals (ESPs) and retired Arlington County Public Schools staff, AEA serves as a voice for students and those who truly care about their education and the future of our region.

You can become a member here!

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Who gives students the power of a great education? You do.

You spend your life teaching kids, supporting them, and making sure that they have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their lives, careers, and communities.

You give your students the power of a great education. AEA makes sure that you have the tools, the protections, and the resources to do the incredible work that you do every day. The Arlington Education Association provides programs to assist all members with professional and career development, leadership skills and much more.

While the definition of a teacher varies in the Commonwealth of Virginia Education Law, a teacher's customary duties might be described this way: Teachers usually perform duties that include planning educational experiences for students, providing classroom instruction, supervising students in non-instructional periods such as lunch and study hall, attending faculty and other professional meetings, participating in school conferences with parents, supervising extracurricular activities and attending school functions such as school open houses.

Educational Support Professionals (ESPs)

AEA represents all APS employees — including instructional support employees and operational support employees. or many children, the first school person they see every day is their bus driver or Extended Day staff. Administrative Assistants can make students and their parents feel important, wanted, and welcome in their school. Instructional Assistants, who are often one-on one with the neediest of students, may know those children better than anyone in the school. Custodians are essential not only to maintaining a clean and safe environment, but also, they convey a sense of pride and caring for students as they carry out their duties. Food service personnel often provide students with their primary source of nourishment.

The important influence of educational support professionals in the education of students is becoming increasingly recognized and appreciated!

AEA members include…

  • Transportation Professionals who ensure our students get to school, home and other places safely.
  • Para-educators who provide your child with extra help in the classroom and library.
  • Extended Day staff provide love and care before and after school hours.
  • School nurses who teach students healthy habits and comfort your sick child.
  • Language tutors who help students learn while preserving traditional ways.
  • Food service workers who prepare and serve your child a warm, healthy meal.
  • Sign Language interpreterswho empower deaf and hearing impaired students.
  • Administrative & Office Asst. who make our schools run efficiently and effectively to enhance our children's education.
  • Special education aides who help special needs children become independent learners.
  • Technicians who keep computers and electronic systems in our schools operating efficiently.
  • Custodians who work to keep schools clean, safe, and well maintained.
  • Bilingual instructors who bridge cultures through language development.
  • School saftey assistants who helo keep students safe.
  • Physical plant and warehouse workers who maintain security, heating, lighting, and other systems so our children have a safe learning environment.
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