Welcome to the Dashboard, !

Hello AEA Members,


As we operate on our “new normal,” understand we celebrate the hard work, transitions, and adaptability you each provide daily. AEA is proud to be a Union standing for what is best for our educators and staff, ultimately doing the right thing by our students.


  • The budget is on the way and we have advocated successfully for our ITC’s, against the proposed cut from twelve-month employees to eleven.  AEA was instrumental in requesting this be off the table. How can we talk about this cut when our ITC’s are keeping us afloat? Have you thanked an ITC lately? THANK YOU!


  • One furlough day was included in the proposed budget as a cut or way to save money. Every School Board member asked that this be removed from the proposal and use reserves to keep our employees from losing income. Can we get excited about this? AEA continues to advocate for a STEP and COLA, but understand, that if something must stop, freeze hiring, and not hurt our current employees.  APS is not hiring currently.


  • There were also larger class sizes proposed and talk about eliminating programs, etc.  For more information keep up with our AEA Facebook page and compensation committee.


Currently, AEA hopes all members are well and taking the necessary steps to remain safe, healthy, and happy. We know this can be uneasy, create more anxiety, and fear for some of us do to the unknown. Realize that we cannot hold on to that fear and expect to move to the next step or level in our work. As your President, I am here with you, waiting for you, and willing to assist you in any way possible.


Until next time, do the best you can, one day at a time as we lead the way for the country to see!


Thanks for all you do,