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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


What are the procedures for returning from leave?

Policy Implementation Procedure G-3.2.4 PIP-6 Family and Medical Leave Page 5 of 8

VII. Rights to Reinstatement and Return to Work 

A. An employee who takes FMLA leave will be returned to the same position the employee held when leave commenced, provided that the employee promptly returns at the conclusion of the leave period or total leave allotment. An employee who applies for an extended leave of absence but later returns prior to the expiration of the FMLA leave period may instead be placed in an equivalent position.         

Follow up, “Where in policy does it state you cannot be placed during the last week of school?”

There is no policy that states an individual cannot be placed. The employee should reach out to benefits team, talent acquisition and management should be able to have you placed.


What does Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 mean?

No explanation, Assistant Superintendent would need to explain.  HR will bring out tier system guidance and meaning.  AEA still waits! 

What is the leave process if one has concerns or underlining conditions when returning to hybrid?

Employees who have high-risk conditions as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should reach out regarding their eligibility for workplace modifications by email at apsada@apsva.us or call 703-228-6103. All communications will be confidential. 

What happens when and if a case is known or reported in schools? 

Report a positive test to Human Resources by completing the self-reporting form, or if you cannot access the form, please call the Leave Hotline at 571-369-4354. 

How can Assistants return without a Teacher when the Teacher’s license is the one on record? 

Guidance has been given from legal that a teacher can be present in the class virtually.  In cases where need is greater, based on student conditions, there will be more than one assistant in that classroom. Administrators will also be in the building to provide support.

Follow up:  How will rights be protected and where is it written that Assistants can be in the classroom without the teachers?  It’s not but, things are virtual right now.

How are codes in attendance being used to assist with students not getting dropped? 

No new codes, attendance will be checked by staff as usual.  Assisting teachers will be repurposed staff and if parents cannot be contacted, they will be dropped.

Will there be testing required before returning to Hybrid? Not right now, they do not have the ability to test.  Besides it’s hard to get right now and other mitigating measures, such as temperature checks have been put in place.

There will be quarantine of 10 to 14 days base on VDH guidance, for individuals infected and groups that may have been in contact.

You said all staff would get paid through first quarter, but that didn’t happen.  

Research to see if they were re-purpose O-Scale.  Fulltime and regularly paid employees and make sure they get paid.


Click     HVAC Updates:    

Executive Summary, September 16, 2020, proves no person came into the buildings but only used electronic designs, building reports and or central automation systems.

Read under Step 1 of Assessment of Existing Equipment.

Superintendent was surprised and ask that AEA send this to him.  So ultimately, our lives are in danger and no one has step foot in a building to make sure it’s safe enough for Teachers and Staff to return!  We are not Ginny pigs.