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Return to Schools

Ingrid Gant • Feb 09, 2021


The APS Superintendent is thinking of bringing employees back real soon due to the Governor's previous mandate to return to face-to-face learning.  Know that AEA has pushed back on these things:

  • Stop with the plan and allow for employees to submit documentation.
  • Think and ensure both vaccines have been given to employees who wish to receive them.
  • Vaccination calls for a two-week waiting period after second dose, so let us wait until after spring break!

While we are waiting, his plans outline brining back grade levels within a week apart.  If the vaccinations call for a two week wait time, why wouldn't APS?  If grades PreK-2 are next to return, a two-week waiting period must happen before anyone else is allowed to return.  At what point does APS assess the impact of returning one group, before introducing the next?

Until next time!