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Budget News You Can Use

Budget News You Can Use

Did you know: (1) furlough day is being proposed in the Interim Superintendent’s FY 21 budget? This could have been taken from reserves, it’s there.

How about: Class size is going up? APS already has the largest class sizes in the state, and not enough respect is given to teachers or students. Many things drive the class size from building to buildings. Allocations are not matching what’s being printed. Ask why?

Do you know: Where all the lapse and turnover money has gone? AEA doesn’t either and wonders why it’s not 100% returned to compensation. Simply put, when someone retires, that projected income should automatically go toward compensation every year.

Did you know: A lot of waste is being spent, and while next FY ’21 may be tight, why do we need to cut positions which are people. No other county is furloughing, and APS is better than that.

Members! Your input is needed now. Speak up against the budget. Be vocal and schedule virtual meetings! Your voice matters more today than yesterday.

Send emails to school.board@apsva.us and County countyboard@arlingtonva.us

Author: Admin NOVA Web Development
Published on: Oct 06, 2020, 1:03 PM