AEA 2018 Election Results

Dear AEA Sisters and Brothers,

As chair of the credentials committee, I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to vote in our recent election. The AEA is our organization, and our democratic voice as working people in Arlington Public Schools. Active participation in our elections is how we make sure AEA represents the will and interests of its members.

I'd also like to send a deeply heartfelt shout out to Judith Knight, Gerry Collins and Eric Underhill for coming in and counting the ballots. We couldn't have this election without you!

In solidarity,

Jeff Elkner

Bellow are the results for the 2018 Election:

AEA Executive Board

  1. President-Elect (two year term): Ingrid Gant

  2. Vice-President (one year term): Leslie Stockton, Kenmore

  3. Middle School Representative (two year term): Octavia Harris, Swanson

  4. Elementary School Representative (two year term): Valerie Jackson-Smith, Hoffman Boston

  5. Educational Support Professional Representative (two year term): Claudette McBride, Transportation

NEA Convention Delegates

  1. Octavia Harris - Middle School Rep, Swanson

  2. Valerie Jackson-Smith - Elementary School Rep, Hoffman Boston

  3. Leslie Stockton – Vice President, Kenmore

  4. Claudette McBride – ESP Rep, Transportation

  5. Sydney Woodson – Facilities

  6. Gina Miller – Key

  7. Laura Larco – Claremont

  8. Jeff Elkner – Career Center

  9. Milagros Martinez – Kenmore

  10. Wanda Gant – Ed. Center HR

  11. Wendy Woodson – Abingdon

  12. NEA Convention Delegate Alternates

  13. Miles Carey – Washington Lee

  14. Sara Keys – Key

  15. Sohanna Siddique – Ed. Center

Congratulations to our AEA Executive Board members and NEA Convention Delegates! A special thank you to all of our members for taking the time to cast your votes! In the event that a delegate is not able to attend the NEA Convention, the next alternate delegate in the succession will take that spot.

Keri Bolyard, Administrative Assistant

Arlington Education Association

5691 Columbia Pike, Suite 100
Falls Church, VA 22041

(703) 379-1650